How to Convert MP3 TO MP4

MP3 is a standard compression format used for audio files on computers and mobile devices. The MP3 file format is excellent for storing good quality audio into small files. On the other hand, MP4 is a new container format, which allows users to combine different multimedia streams into one single file.

MP4 is a streamable file format and it supports several types of multimedia content. With the new popularity of the iPod and Playstation Portable, users with MP3 files were faced with the dilemma of what to do with them since the new devices played audio and video in the newer MP4 format instead of the MP3 file format. However, converting MP3 files to MP4 files are easy if the right steps are taken.

What you will need

  • Audio/video conversion application


  1. Install your audio/video conversion software. However, do make sure that it converts MP3 to MP4 and not MP4 to MP3.
  2. Determine which MP4 format your device will require for the file you’re converting. For instance an iPod will see an MP4a file and determine it is an audio file. On the other hand it will see MP4 files as audio and video. MP4b files are seen as audio books, MP4v files as video and MP4p as protected files.
  3. Download and install the MP4 codec. The audio conversion program should include this, but some of the free ones require this as an additional step. Note however that conversion cannot be done without the proper codec.
  4. Select the file that will be converted. While some program will only require you to right click the name of the file and then selecting the format you want to convert it to, others will require additional steps.
  5. Using more sophisticated audio/ video conversion software may require you to select the files by clicking on the MP3 files you want to convert, select the output, MP4, and then choose additional options to your liking.


  • Obtain resources from DBpoweramp. This is the source for the MP4 codec and dBpower/AMP Music Converter.

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