How to Convert MP3 to AVI

MP3, also known as MPEG is the format used for compressed video. It was designed for the transmission rates of about 1.5 Mb per second. AVI means Audio Video Interleave. It is a special type of Resource Interchange File Format. Actually AVI is the most common format used for audio and video data on any computer.

Digital Media Converter makes it easy to convert your media and audio files from one format to another. Digital Media Converter helps you to select multiple files during the conversion process.

What You Will Need

  • Video Cleaner


  1. Launch a video cleaner.
  2. Click on the ‘Add’ button on the tool bar. The standard file open dialog will open.
  3. Select the file you want to change and click ‘Open’. The file will be added to the conversion file list.
  4. Click the toggle to the left of the ‘Output Format’ label to expand the panel. Choose AVI – Audio Visual Interleave as the File Type.
  5. Click on the toggle to the left of the ‘Video Settings’ label to expand the panel.
  6. Select ‘Specify’ under ‘Size’ or ‘Frame rate’ to enter the video resolution and frame rate. The compressor, quality, size, and frame rate of the video.
  7. The size of the AVI will change.
  8. AVI’s files will be between 10 to 50 times bigger than your original files.


  • Do not use mpeg Layer -3 as the audio compressor. It does not work correctly in video files and often causes the conversion to cancel in the middle.

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