How to Convert JPG to Word

JPG or Joint Photographic is used to format pictures which need to be in size in order for them to be sent to electronic mail or to be used on web sites. JPG can reduce pictures to 1/10th of their original size and is used regularly on digital cameras.

The only problem that occurs as a result of the reduction in the size of these images is that the process not only reduces the size of images, but also its quality. The loss of this original quality cannot be reversed.
It is useful to learn to convert JPG to word if you need to increase the picture size. There are some simple steps which must be followed to carry out this process.

What You Will Need

  • Graphics Software


  1. Firstly, you may need to download a graphics software such as Paint shop Pro or Ifranview.
  2. After you have downloaded the Ifranview, left double-click on the .exe file to get it installed.
  3. Open the program then open the jpg file.
  4. Modifications can be made to some jpg files without losing its quality only if the image is a multiple minimum coded unit. If the top and left of a jpg image lies on a block edge, then it will be unlikely that the image’s quality will be lost.

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