How to Convert JPG to Vector

While JPG is useful for saving pictures, vectors are mathematical creations and the software used to make them show how images should be drawn, rather than how they look. The difference between JPG and Vector is that the Vector image can be reproduced at any size and in any position, without losing its quality.

A Vector resized to as much as five times its original dimension, is redrawn exactly, except it is done at a different size.
Converting a JPG to a vector is not an easy task. It involves re-drawing the JPG in a Vector image.

What You Will Need

  • Image to be re-drawn, scanner


  1. Open JPG image.
  2. Click on file, Acquire.
  3. Adjust scanner software to black and white.
  4. Adjust scanner software to the appropriate size.
  5. Scan it.
  6. When the image appears, the scanner must be closed using the file option.
  7. Click to choose your JPG image.
  8. Click on Add Remove Noise, Edge Preservation Smooth. This should improve the sharpness of the image.
  9. Copy your image (Ctrl C).
  10. Create a vector layer by layer.
  11. Press Ctrl V to paste your previous copy to the vector layer. Delete the JPG layer lying beneath.


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