How to Convert JPG to Text

Joint Photographic Experts Group or JPG is a committee which makes the standard for formats used in image devices such as digital cameras. JPEG images are compressed files, which are not equipped to undergo multiple edits without significant quality loss.
In spite of this change, it is sometimes necessary to convert from JPG to Text.
The PDF format is one popular software used to complete this process.

What You Will Need

  • PDF Program


  1. Run OmniPage 17
  2. Choose “PDF Converter Assistant” in “ScanSoft PDF Converter” from Start Menu. Then you can see the following interface:
  3. Choose “Scan Soft PDF Create!” Then the target area will show the source of original files. Click your mouse to choose it.
  4. Confirm source and target path Click “Preview” in the drop down menu. Then input the source file in “Files to” option and the target path of “Save as” option. Then the related image file name will show in the target box. Click the button on the right of “Save as” to choose output PDF file path.
  5. Setting image outputting style Click “Spreadsheet Options” label to set. You can set your scheme about image only pages. There are four choices for you: recognize page content; skip image in your PDF file; add to document as image; stop if the image only file is more than a number that you stated.
  6. Start changing.

If all the settings are finished, you can click “convert” to start to convert scanned image to PDF.

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