How to Convert iTunes to MP3

On January 9, 2001, the iTunes program was introduced to the public by Apple Inc. One of the special features of the computer application was that people could buy merchandise and download games, application, music videos and music at the iTunes store, while the iTunes application itself was free.

iTunes is very useful to those who want to store and play various songs and watch music videos on their personal computers. While iTunes is useful, it uses files that are coded in the iTunes format, and this format is not compatible with some other players and applications. Therefore, a user may need to convert their iTunes music files into MP3 file format which is virtually the most standard file format in existence.

What you will need

  • Any audio converter program


  1. If any files are bought from the iTunes store make sure that the Digital Rights Management is removed from the file you want to convert. To remove the DRM, click the file and then choose the option to ‘erase DRM.’ If the option did not show up, update your version of iTunes and then try again.
  2. Navigate to the My Music section on your computer and search for the iTunes directory. Highlight the files that you want to convert and then right click. Copy the files.
  3. Got to your desktop and then create a folder. Paste the copied files in the folder.
  4. Create another folder on your desktop; this is where the converted files will be saved.
  5. Run the audio converter program. A popular one is Format Factory.
  6. If using Format Factory select the ‘All to MP3’ button and then search for the iTunes files you would like to convert.
  7. When the conversion process is completed, a status bar will appear on the screen to inform you that the files were converted to MP3. Copy the converted files to the folder on the desktop that you created in step 4.
  8. Make sure that you save the converted filed in your computer. You can now move the files to your MP3 player or to a blank audio or data disk.


  • Note that the system requirements for Windows 2000 and Windows XP is: Intel compatible processor; at least 1500 megahertz 512 megabytes ram DVD ROM Microsoft DirectX 9.0c Broadband Internet connection
  • Also note that the minimum system requirements for Windows Vista is: Intel compatible processor; at least three gigahertz single core or 1.8 gigahertz dual core 1-gigabyte RAM Video card Sound card

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