How to Convert Word to PDF

A Portable Document Format or as it is more commonly known PDF is a file format that was created by Adobe Systems in 1993 for the intended purpose of document exchange.

How to Convert Windows Media to MP3

Windows Media or WM is an audio type file that is widely used to listen to music via the computer or other portable devices like MP3. For persons who have music on WM and wish to listen to them on MP3 players, or other devices, change will be necessary. The instructions for converting from WM to MP3 format can be carried out if you use the Format Factory software.

How to Convert MP3 to AAC

ACC stands for Advanced Audio Coding. It’s a newer kind of audio file that has been promoted as a successor to the MP3. The ACC file format offers a higher quality sound than an MP3, and is roughly half the size of MP3 file format. Also ACC provides various other advantages over MP3; ACC has the ability to handling much higher and lower frequencies of sound, while providing up to 48 channels of audio. Also, ACC allows the creation of low latency audio necessary for two way communication. For example ACC can be used to compress telephone conversations, while using MP3 would introduce delays in the audio. Mp3 format files on the other hand, while popular does not have the same capabilities of the ACC file format.

How to Convert MP4 to DVD

Mp4 or Moving Picture Expert Grou-4 was first published in 1998, and was designed to encompass all the features that were part of earlier releases of MPEG files plus a few more that would prove beneficial with advancing online technology.

How to Convert WMV to MPEG

Windows Media Video or as it is more commonly referred to WMV is a compressed video file format used for multiple proprietary codecs developed by Microsoft. MPEG is another form of video compression that is playable in most DVD players.

How to Convert FLAC files to WAV

FLAC is an initial for Free Lossless Audio Codec, while WAV is an audio file format created by Microsoft and IBM. FLAC can reproduce digital audio by file size without changing its quality. Wav has the same qualities as CD formats, except that its file size is too large, hence the desire of its users to have it changed. The WAV MP3 Converter is popularly used to change FLAC files to WAV.
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